100% Water Damaged iPhone 4S Repair Tutorial – Fix Wet iPhone With iRevive

http://irevivespray.com Fix your water damaged iPhone 4S with this instructional video. iRevive is the only 100% guaranteed water damage repair kit for any iPhone. iRevive is safe to use on the iPhone logic boards. It removes corrosion and displaces any water left in your phone. If you just use rice your phone might work at first but over time it will corrode from the salts left behind after the water evaporates.

If your phone has been exposed to water:
Step 1: Turn it off!
Step 2: Put it in a dry place and order iRevive
Step 3: Follow the instructions in this video
Step 4: Enjoy having your phone back!

iPhone 4S Screw Chart: http://irevivespray.com/iphone-4s-screw-chart/

Now Offering Mail-In Water Damage Repair Service – http://bit.ly/NerZXu

When you order iRevive we include all of the tools that are seen in the video!

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