Water Damage

This guide will show you how to properly repair liquid damage on your iPhone 5 (5C and 5S as well).

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Please keep in mind that this will not guarantee that your device will work after performing this repair, however, it is the best and only true option for repairing a liquid damaged device of any kind.


If you think about it, it makes sense. “How is suspending a device in some plant grains going to magically suck out all the water?” well the answer is simple…IT WON’T! even if your device somehow works after leaving it in rice, corrosion may have set in, but hasn’t yet eaten away any vital components yet. Corrosion can be a very brutal and sneaky bitch, your device may work fine for a while and then it happens, it just doesn’t turn on anymore. If you don’t want this to happen, then put on your big boy pants and follow this guide.

If you need any help or advice when performing this repair you can contact me directly at +1(385) 626-1334 via TEXT ONLY or email/imessage me at nathanrist@yahoo.com/n.rist916@gmail.com

**(DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER, I WILL REJECT IT EVERY TIME – please text me at this number. Voicemails will be responded to via text only)**

If you need to order replacement parts for your iPhone 5, 5C and/or 5S visit:


and use coupon code: ETS060 (Good for orders over )

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*I am no longer accepting orders and/or service request at this time. I simply have too much to deal with personally and cannot effectively fill orders for send in repairs. Any devices that I may have belonging to customers, those orders will still be filled as promised and sent back asap, but from this point on I am no longer accepting any more repair orders/requests. Sorry for this inconvenience, thanks for supporting my vids, will be uploading more soon…

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