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EXCAVATION virtually eliminating the unknown or unintended consequences from any project involving excavation with rates and productivity in line with hydro without the MESS OR TROUBLE
All soils contain
minute crack
and fissures.
air stream,
delivered through
its Air-Tec™nozzle
at 180 psi, is
forced into these
microscopic Pockets.
The crevices explode
from the energy
built-up from the
forced compressed
air, crumbling the
soil and leaving it
dry for easy vacuuming
and backfilling.
Excavating has taken on a safe new form. Our Air Technology Does the Work Faster, Easier, and Safer
It’s no secret. Air-vacuum excavation is the best way to get to buried utilities for verification or repair. Using bucket equipment is not delicate enough to locate pipe lines in sensitive areas, pick and shovel crews are dangerous, labor-intensive, and expensive. Potholing with water and then vacuuming the wet spoils is cumbersome, messy, dangerous, and could damage the very pipes or utilities you are trying to locate or repair. Metis Industrial Services has implemented the use of air excavation in making potholing and excavating safe, efficient, less costly, and protective of the buried infrastructure.

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