Lindo Industrial Services Steel Pipe Service Centre

The pipe centre at Lindø Industrial Services is engaged in the processing of pipes made of black as well as stainless steel in different dimensions and geometrical shapes. Among other things, the pipes can be used for conducting water, steam, gas, oil, and chemical liquids; however, they can also be used for different construction purposes.
We cut and shape the units according to your exact specifications. In addition, we weld on flanges and cut holes, such as for mounting connectors etc. If specified, all pipes receive a finishing surface treatment consisting of cleansing, pickling, painting, or galvanisation.
In addition, Lindø Industrial Services offers prefabrication of ready-made spools or units consisting of several joined pipes.
Our annual capacity of approx. 75,000 pipes, our wide range of machinery, and our highly skilled employees collectively make up a full-service pipe centre. We are happy to take on projects ranging from a single finishing job to the production of ready-to-use pipe units.

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