Industrial Services in Europe

1. Opportunities in European Industrial Services: A Frost & Sullivan Insight Muthukumar Viswanathan Practice Director, Industrial Automation and Process Control 27th Nov, 2013 SPS IPC Drives STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL

2. Substance About Frost & Sullivan 3 Introduction 9 Industrial Services – Market Snapshots 13 Project Highlights 22 “We Accelerate Growth”

3. About Frost & Sullivan 3

4. The Frost & Sullivan Story Emerging Research Growth Partnership Visionary Innovation 1961–1990 1990–Today Today–Future 1961 1990 Today Pioneered Emerging Market & Technology Research Partnership Relationship with Clients Visionary Innovation • Global Footprint Begins • Growth Partnership Services • Mega Trends Research • Country Economic Research • GIL Global Events • CEO 360 Visionary Perspective • Market & Technical Research • GIL University • GIL Think Tanks • Best Practice Career Training • Growth Team Membership • GIL Global Community • MindXChange Events • Growth Consulting • Communities of Practice “We Accelerate Growth”

5. 40+ Offices Provide Perspective, Coverage & Service By Region 250,000 SME & Global Companies, 2 million officials Others, 40.0% North America, 95,000 Companies Europe 80,000 Companies Asia Pacific 47,000 Companies South Asia 11,000 Companies Latin America 9,000 Companies Africa/Middle East 8,000 Companies “We Accelerate Growth”

6. Our Industry Coverage Automotive & Transportation Aerospace & Defense Measurement & Instrumentation Consumer Technologies Information & Communication Technologies Automotive Transportation & Logistics Energy & Power Systems Environment & Building Technologies Healthcare Minerals & Mining Chemicals, Materials & Food Electronics & Security Industrial Automation & Process Control “We Accelerate Growth”

7. Our Services GIL Global Community Growth Partnership Services GIL University Growth Consulting Events “We Accelerate Growth”

8. Why Partner With Frost & Sullivan Excellent connections & associations with key partners permitting us to enroll target gatherings and behavior both expansive or little scale exploration ventures. Access to key partners over the worth chains Approach & Techniques intended to address your particular needs ….. More than 2,000 examiners and advisors universally, following commercial enterprises and end-client showcases, and having finished various studies and counseling ventures in a huge number of businesses all inclusive Industry mastery Global Fieldwork Reach Exclusively Focused on Growth ….. In-house Primary Research 40+ workplaces overall covering developed & developing markets Market Research, Growth Consulting & Implementation Expertise Translate Data into significant procedure ….. Worldwide scope with nearby groups Product skill In-house group devoted to observing markets and advances – solid base of existing knowledge Dedicated to supporting you to develop your business or industry & creating development systems e.g. Client, Branding, Competitive techniques Benefits in Partnering with FROST & SULLIVAN Experience in the enduser businesses Frost & Sullivan has solid involvement at last client commercial ventures on a worldwide and neighborhood level which can be taken advantage of for the reasons of this examination “We Accelerate Growth”

9. Presentation 9

10. Industry 4.0 A Deep Dive The expression “Modern” in this connection, alludes to all fragments inside the mechanical world connected with discrete/process commercial ventures. It’s degree is comprehensive of big business applications in the board rooms to assembling generation units in the shop floor. Remote Intelligence Cloud Platforms Ethernet-based IP Devices Industrial Revolution 1.0 – 3.0 • Mechanical Production • Mass Production • Production Automation Intra-discipline Integration Collaboration Industrial Revolution 4.0 – Pursuits • Product Innovation • Increased Collaboration • Operational Process Enhancement • Cyber-Physical Production Technology Industry 4.0 IP Centralisation Social Innovation Processes Strategic Trends Convergence of uses will structure crux of new progressions Energy productivity and maintainability to increase more noteworthy business center Greater vicinity of portability and webbased data frameworks Digital Manufacturing Sustainable Manufacturing Mass Customisation Lifecycle Assessment 10 “We Accelerate Growth”

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