Dickinson Group Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Services – KOKS Megavac

Dickinson Group Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Services – KOKS Megavac. ndustrial Vacuum Cleaning Services is a newly established Division within the Dickinson Group, specialised service provided by KOKS (The Netherlands) MegaVac air displacement units, designed for heavy industrial applications and is suitable for suction, blowing and unloading dry, liquid and hazardous substances, such as various types of catalyst, gravel, powders, fly ash and sludge.

The Division offers a safe, reliable solution to cleaning up industrial waste, recovering and recycling valuable raw materials and ensures on-going production while maximising quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Materials include: Abrasives, bricks, cement, chemicals, clay, coke, coal dolomite, dust, foundry sand, grain, grit slag, lime, metal chips, mill scale, oil spills, ore, rocks, smudges and slurries.

For more info go to www.dgrp.co.za

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