Crest Industrial Services Worked on every continent
Since 1992 Crest Industrial Services has gone from a humble local business, into a multi-skilled contractor, specialists in industrial shutdown management for businesses across the UK.
Over the years, we have worked all over the world and have operated on every continent on the globe.
We have worked in every condition imaginable, from the most extreme in Iran to the most simple in the Midlands, so if you want it done we will have been there and done it.
In 2010 Crest was reinvented as a UK based, multi-disciplined sub-contractor, supplying industrial materials and staff all across the country and beyond.
Specialists in helping Industrial sites during shutdowns, Crest has worked on over 40 different industrial sites and have had a 100% success rate when it comes to completing on time and on Budget.
We adhere to strict and extensive health and safety guidelines, which is why none of our workers have ever had a lost time accident onsite.
To find out more about how Crest can help you during a shutdown, download your free guide “5 ways to avoid costly delays during a shutdown” by simply entering your details below now.

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