Coor Industrial Services, Dep. Automation AGV TC69

Video showing one of Coor´s many AGV models.
Coor has delivered automated guided vehicles all over the world since the mid 80’s.

Coor Industriservice, AGVs – flexible, autonomous and quality-assured

Most of our AGV systems are designed for more complex assembly applications. Customers choose how to distribute intelligence between control systems, the AGV and the assembly operator. We deliver a full product range, from manually controlled AGVs, where the assembly operator uses a joystick to guide the AGV to the next station, to control systems that communicate and issue radio-transmitted operating commands to the AGV. All our systems are flexible, independent and have quality assurance built-in.

Coor’s AGV systems ensure a safe and ergonomic working environment. These systems take the assembly operator’s ideal operating position into account by locating the product at the correct height and position. The AGV can be operated at a speed interval of 0.4-60 m/min. There is also a range of financial benefits of using an AGV system, as investment rates can shadow production volumes and new AGVs can quickly be incorporated into existing systems.

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