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A. Hak Industrial Services B.V. was established in 1988 and provides a range of specialised industrial, pipeline and inspection services to the (petro)chemical, refining and pipeline industries, during the whole plant lifecycle.

The headquarter of A. Hak Industrial Services is in Tricht, which is the centre of the Netherlands making it a perfect location to serve the major industrial areas of the Benelux and the UK. From our bases in Germany, France, Italy, Scotland and Spain we are able to provide equipment and trained local personnel for our European customers.
Together with our bases in Brasil, Mexico, the USA, UAE , South Africa and about 25 professional agents we have secured global presence for serving the industry world-wide.

Our staff consists of a highly experienced team of technicians and (inspection)engineers, sales and marketing engineers as well as supportive and facilitating personnel. HQ in the Netherlands also provides global support to all our divisions and agents.

The company mainly operates through 3 disciplines:

Industrial Services – a broad range of nitrogen related services, including reactor cooling, nitrogen/helium leak detection, system purging, furnace cleaning and chemical cleaning.

Pipeline Services – cleaning, drying, pre-, de-, and commissioning of pipelines.

Inspection Services – a full package around in-line inspection of non-piggable pipelines ranging from quick scans, full assessments, pre-engineering, mechanical works and mechanical cleaning to gauging, caliper running, inspecting, reporting and consulting.

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