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Papa’s Handyman provides quality home improvement, remodeling and repair services. By choosing “Papa’s Handyman” for your project, you will find that our company offers our clients reliable, quality and affordable services.

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PAPA’s Handyman

The business operates as a service provider for all minor and major home improvements. In areas without coverage, the business refers clients to licensed providers in their area.

Papa’s Handyman operates by hiring employee’s as ‘pieceworkers’ rather than by hourly or salary wages. These employees, named “technicians”, are equipped with there own tools, vehicles and have a minimum of 6 years experience in the specified ‘trade’. For example, a technician must meet the minimum experience of ‘6 years’ to be hired on as a ‘painter’. To ensure client safety, they do background checks on any prospective employee. Technicians do a range of services including tile work, painting, and wallpaper removal but must meet the minimum year experience requirement and be at journeyman level for major improvements. Services offered include kitchen installations to tiling to installing siding. Typically “Papa’s Handyman” charges by job, with set prices for service. This business targets work that general contractors and remodelers find ‘too small’ an ‘unprofitable’. Many homeowners find Papa’s Handyman after trying and failing to find a provider to do their small job. Sometimes homeowners contact the service after trying, but failing, to do repair work themselves. For example, many ‘drywall repair’ projects are common projects that “Papa’s Handyman” is called in to fix.

Here at Papa’s Handyman, we offer a wide range of services that are completed by experienced journeyman’s. Whether you have just one single project or multiple projects throughout your home, our expert handymen can complete your project on-schedule and on-budget.

Remove popcorn ceilings simply, with the expert help of Papa’s Handyman. Since 1970.
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Our Carpenter experts are journeyman level and specialize in both rough and finish carpentry projects of all sizes.

Our Drywall experts are journeyman level and specialize in all phases of drywall and removing popcorn ceilings.

Our Painting experts are journeyman level and specialize in both interior and exterior painting as well as wallpaper.

Our Flooring experts are journeyman level and specialize in installing, repairing and replacing floors of all materials.

Our Electrician experts are journeyman level and specialize in residential electrical installation, service and repair.

Our Plumber experts are journeyman level and specialize in residential plumbing installation, service and repair.

Our Bathroom experts specialize in bathroom remodeling, or small bathroom projects such as replacing a faucet or toilet.

Our Kitchen experts specialize in kitchen remodeling, or smaller kitchen projects such as replacing a kitchen sink or backsplash.

Our Window experts specialize in the installation, repair and replacement of windows.

Our Attic experts specialize in finishing entire attics to simply installing insulation in the attic.

Our Home Repair experts specialize all major home repair and home improvement projects.

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