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Rejus provide Office Cleaning, Building Maintenance & Construction Projects to Doncaster Charity, DRASACS. They are an independent charity that has been helping victims of sexual violence since 1987 throughout Doncaster.


Becca Pearson: My name is Becca and I am the Funding and Development Officer at Doncaster Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Service.

I have worked here for about three years now and it’s my job to source and secure funding to keep the charity running on a day to day basis.

If there are any issues with the building, if anything breaks down or anything like that we ring Rejus and they come out to us really quickly and give us a great service.

Matthew Lynds: We first got involved with DRACAS via a call from DRACAS which was just to do a cleaning job for them.

Becca: Rejus have been cleaning for us for quiet a few years now and again because of the nature of the work we do here it does require a certain level of sensitivity and privacy and they can really accommodate that for us.

Matthew: And then that developed and we got to know what DRACAS do, the problems that they have in the sector that they have and the need that was there that they wanted to meet but were struggling to meet. It was a very easy thing for us to do and it was a wonderful opportunity to be able to make a bit of a difference.

Becca: Rejus have helped DRACAS in a number of ways. They have supported us and helped us develop our basement area. The basement area of the building, this is a old Victorian building, was quiet damp and dark down there and we couldn’t use it for anything and it was a bit of a storage space. So we got in touch with Rejus to see if we could work together to try and develop this into a really useful and valuable space for Doncaster.

Matthew: What DRACAS have done is given us the opportunity to do something really effective and to make a real daily difference to people so that is a absolute no brainer for us and we will continue to do it and do it wherever we can.

Becca: When Rejus were carrying out the renovation to the basement all their contractors and workers were really respectful of the sensitive nature of our organisation.

Matthew: With it being a sensitive nature of building it is important that we have the right people doing the job and known faces.

Becca: We gave them our diary system so they could tell when clients were going to be in the building, they would know what area of the building so they would work in accordance to that. They were really flexible to our needs as an organisation.

Matthew: Too many respects that is our standard service anyway so what we do fits just comfortably with the way DRACAS want it done.

Becca: I’d like to thank Rejus for their continued support and this isn’t just a one off support it is continued support and we really value and appreciate the continued nature of it. I’d like to thank them for the facility in the basement as it is already doing amazing work with some of the most vulnerable people in our community and if we didn’t have the support of Rejus it would have been out of our price range, it would have been really difficult for us to be able to achieve that project without the support of Rejus so we thank them for that.

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