Building Maintenance Management in Golden Valley, MN is responsible for my basement flooding.

Building Maintenance Management of Golden Valley, MN (BMM Inc.) is a facility / property maintenance management company in the twin cities area in Minnesota that was contracted to repair or replace an old sump pump in a rental property that i own because it had been intermittently failing. 2 weeks after they were there to take care of the issue, the sump pump failed again and the basement filled with water. BMM Inc. was sent out once more to take a look at things and to get the pump working again and they replaced it this time.

Their tech called me while he was out there and the first thing that he said was that the failed sump pump that they were supposed to have replaced had nothing to do with the completely soaked basement. He pulled up some carpet along the edge of the basement and said that there was a crack in the foundation that the water was coming up through, so it wasn’t a sump pump issue. The “crack” that he was looking at was in the thin layer of concrete over the drain tile that feeds the sump pump. The drain tile filled up with water when the sump pump failed and that is why water was coming up through the floor there. Once he replaced the sump pump the water level in the basement immediately started to go down. I’ll let you be the judge as to whether or not BMM, Inc. is competent.

Anyway, while i was talking to their tech on the phone I asked him to tear out the soaking wet carpet. I wanted it out because we needed to get everything dried out and water was beginning to soak up into the drywall from the carpet. He said that we would tear it out and leave it outside to be removed the next day when i arrived.

I arrived the next day and not a single piece of carpet had been removed. Much of the drywall was now ruined as water had soaked up into it overnight. So now, in addition to having to replace the carpet i had to get a bunch of drywall replaced. I called the tech and asked why it hadn’t been removed as promised and he told me that he had gotten another call that he had to take care of, but that I should be glad that he hadn’t torn it out since it would be cheaper to have someone else do it…

So BMM, Inc. was contacted again and instructed to get out there and tear out the carpet. They told us they would be there within an hour. 3 hours later no one had arrived so i finally ended up tearing it all out myself along with a friend of mine.

All of this would have been prevented had their technician who was originally out there to fix the sump pump would have done his job. And then the icing on the cake was that they left the soaking carpet in the house for an extra day which caused drywall damage as well, and then tried to tell me that their failure on the initial sump pump repair/replacement had nothing to do with the problem.

The owner of BMM, Inc. refused any responsibility for this and did not compensate me for a single penny of the 00 replacement costs.

I would strongly suggest being very careful about working with these guys.

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