Building Maintenance Doncaster | The Conservation Volunteers Testimonial | REJUS®

My name is Phil Gommersall, I am the Fleet and Facilities Manager for The Conservation Volunteers.

As Facilities Manager it is my responsibility for the management and facilities for Cedam House.

We use Rejus for the building maintenance for Cedam House, maintenance predominantly and anything I need fixed for.

Rejus allow me to concentrate on other aspects of my work. I can literally pick the phone up and say ‘I have got a problem with plumbing’, ‘I have got a problem with the lighting’, ‘with the building in general’ and they solve it. Whatever issues I have they are there at the end of the phone and they can solve my problems.

I love the ‘can do’ attitude about Rejus; I love the fact that they are local; I love that I can pick the phone up, any problem, small or large, I am very confident that they could sort me out, no problem at all.

Check Rejus out. Have a look on their website, see what they are about and give them a call. No obligation quotes. Ask them to have a look, ask them to discuss your problems and I am sure they will be able to solve your issues, your time problems, no problem at all.

Thank you Rejus for all your help you’ve given me in the past and going forward into the future.

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