Rapid house building system in india – Construct Home within a month

Rapid house building system in india. This is tested in IIT Chennai Campus.
This technology now available across india. Please implement this for a greener tommorrow.

FRBL Prefab GYPWALL is a single panel walling system developed with the technical knowhow from Rapid Building Systems (RBS) ,Australia. Ready made smooth finish load bearing wall panels are made out of Gypsum and High Strength Glass fibre.

GYPWALL panels are strong as well as light and can be used as wall or roof panels as required. The technology has world wide acceptance and has been approved by Building Material technology Promotion council (BMPTC) India.

SHINE Wall putty and SILKY Wall Plaster produced by FRBL through a unique process from Gypsum are charactersitic by their extra smooth finish and ease of application.

Standard GFRG wall panels measure 12 metre by 3 metre.

The methodology of construction employs GFRG Panals as the walling and roofing element instead of the conventional brick and mortar walls.

The 12 mtr to 3 mtr by 124mm thick FRBL PREFAB GYPWALL is manufactured in the sophisticated rapid wall plant and it is cut into required wall sizes after drying in the state of art automatic cutting plant.

The PREFAB GYPWALL panel cut to size and provided with the window and door openings as per the requirement is easily transported to the site on acessible stillages.

The walls are erected as per the drawing using small cranes/derrick facility at the site . The hollow cavities of the PREFAB GYPWALL are reinforced with concrete depending on the structural design requirement.

GYPWALL panels are used as roof panels by providing suitable concrte reinforcement which function as micro beams.

The usage of FRBL PREFAB GYPWALL as walling and roofing element as per directions will result in savings of around 40 % on cost and cuts the time required to few weeks.

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