Metal Building Construction Longlife Steel Buildings

Longlife Steel Buildings are the most durable metal garage buildings made in America. Since they are shipped in completely prefabricated building kits, they are ideal for simple do-it-yourself metal building construction. Every building comes with a 35-year non-prorated warranty against rust perforation.

This video shows the erection of a Longlife steel building by a customer with a few of his buddies, for the most part, over one weekend. It was constructed in Palm Beach County, Florida, meeting South Florida’s toughest state Hurricane building codes. The building came with the required Florida state approval code number certified on stamped Florida engineer drawings.

Using the easy to read erection manual provided they assembled the building step-by-step. The arch spans were bolted on the ground and pulled up with a rope without any heavy equipment or cranes. Once the roof and sidewalls were pulled up, the factory supplied 150-MPH hurricane force tested endwalls were constructed. Lastly, the sectional overhead garage door was installed.

The building is a model P, 25′ wide, 40′ long and was ordered in lightstone color which comes with a 40-year warranty.


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