Humpday Hangout – 10/15/14: Building Construction and Structural Challenges

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Thanks for hanging out with us. Today Fire Engineering Editor-in-Chief Bobby Halton and Fire Rescue Editor-in–Chief Erich Roden welcome Chris Naum, Bill Carey, and Chris Willis to discuss firefighting techniques and challenges around building construction.

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-6:05 National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Day Weekend
-9:30 Ebola in the US: How does it affect Firefighters?
-17:44 How Science Impacts Investigations of Fires
-23:20 Building Construction and Structural Challenges
-29:30 Are Investigations Improving?
-38:50 Standard Operating Guidelines
-46:20 Reporting: Are we Learning From Them?
Q&A #FEtalk
-51:40 Are Niosh 5 the Causes of LODDs?
-1:01:05 Closing Comments

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