Deadly construction accident: Three dead after scaffolding collapses from high-rise building

The North Carolina Department of Labor is investigating the cause of a deadly construction accident that occurred at a high rise in Raleigh on Monday morning.

A platform between the 5th and 6th floors of the new building at 501 Fayatteville Street in the city’s downtown area collapsed around 11 a.m., killing three people and seriously injuring one.

Pieces from the scaffolding fell to a parking lot below. Safety crews sectioned off the area surrounding the building.

“Falling glass hazard,” the Carolinas Fire Page tweeted after the accident.

The 11-story building was set to open this summer.

All four people involved in the accident were workers at the construction site, according to Wake County EMS spokesperson Jeff Hammerstein.

Choate Construction, the general contractor in charge of the million project, has had just two safety violations in the past 10 years.

The company has passed more than 60 inspections since 2000, according to public records.


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