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Recently, construction cost estimating a reporter from the Yinchuan construction cost estimating municipal administrative examination and construction equipment auctions approval construction machinery in india service construction equipment rental companies construction equipment guide bureau construction equipment list was construction equipment news informed that, in the future I will cancel the residential area and construction equipment news the buildings construction machinery magazine name fees.
It is understood that, “Yinchuan city urban placenames way” the sixth regulation, according to the enterprise application, the name can be used the name of the enterprise, brand, brand or reflect the characteristics of the enterprises construction hand tools list of the new residential buildings, named, to apply for units and receive name fees. In the past, according to the “Interim Measures” of the place names of Yinchuan paid to sell naming rights, the general name of not less than construction equipment auctions 50000 construction equipment manufacturers yuan, the important place of not less than construction excavator 100000 yuan, the title for a period of 10 construction hand tools years.
This year, the former Yinchuan municipal place construction equipments construction machine names name office management of residential areas and has the meaning of construction equipment hire placenames buildings named after examination and approval under the Yinchuan municipal administrative examination and construction heavy machinery approval service management, in line with the state to promote the charging system reform, after careful study, construction machinery industrial decided to cancel the construction machinery buildings named fee paid. Recently, the admissibility of construction machinery company the city construction machinery market share administrative construction equipment machinery examination and approval construction company for sale service bureau for examination and approval of Ningxia’s real estate development company limited to the “people’s livelihood” named after the development of commercial real estate, construction instruments and cancel the naming right.
Cancel the residential area and the buildings name fees, for enterprises to construction construction equipment news machinery companies simplify the approval process, but also reduce the burden, but not all the enterprises can apply for the title. The staff of Yinchuan city construction machinery manufacturer administrative examination and construction equipment prices approval service bureau of Social Affairs Department Lang Zhijuan said, the applicant must have a certain influence, and in recent years, Yinchuan has a large real estate development projects can apply for the title.

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