Building a house step by step. Full HD. Day 3 foundation. Combined footing The reinforcement

Building tutorial. The entire set of 4 DVDs. 5 hours with lector.

…So let me start with the presentation of the audiences with a view to which, for almost a year I recorded, edited and formatted the media. You will specify which group you belong to, and whether the investment in the construction tutorial will give you a profit or not? And if so, how soon it’s happened?

I’ll start from the widest group – the investors who either using an economic system or hiring a construction company, begin the adventure of building own home.

I met large group of people who built the house with the economic system, hoping to save some money. However at the end of the work turned out, that they didn’t spare nothing compared to the contractor’s estimate. Some of them even exceeded that amount considerably, struggling in addition throughout the construction period with all kinds of problems related to the quality of the construction, manufacturing defects and faults required to pay extra for its repairs .

The question is why?

The answer to this question is very simple.

They don’t prepare themselves properly and came to the subject irresponsibly, relying on others people, usually foreign to them.

I don’t know what you do in your life, but I think you will agree with my opinion that the key to any success is primarily the planning and organization of the work.
But how to plan and organize anything without having knowledge of the matter?….

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