Back to Basics: Termites and Building Construction

Have you ever wished you had X-ray vision when inspecting a structure for termites? Or especially once you’ve found termites, wouldn’t it be great if we could see exactly what was behind all of the floors, subfloors, slabs, foundations, walls and framing? It would be wonderful and it would make treatment and product choices that much easier! But for those of us who lack the X-ray vision superpower, it is helpful to know how structures are built and understand the basic elements of building construction. In this webinar, we’ll cover various ways buildings are constructed including different slab types, foundation types, framing materials and all of the fun issues and problems with each when it comes to termite management and control. This content is valuable for virtually everyone in your company including: technicians, inspectors, sales people and management. Join CSI and PMP magazine as we explore this valuable and exciting topic right in time for termite season!

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