1 of 13 Square and layout pole building – Wood truss building construction.

http://www.buildyourown.ws/wood-truss-pole-building.html This is part one of a 13 part series of pole building construction videos. Nothing fancy here. Just simple proven methods of barn installation construction using basic tools. In this section we layout the post locations using string line and batter boards and square it up using old fashion cross hatching for this 30X40X10 barn layout. Ultimately in order for the building to be square, the diagonal measurements from corner to corner must be the same length.

Free barn plans for this building at this link http://www.myfreegarageplans.info
Visit http://www.buildyourown.ws for other DIY projects.
Tools needed:
100 foot tape measure
25′ tape measure
Masons string line
batter boards 2×2 or 2×4 stakes and crosses
set nails or screws
Pencil or magic marker
Sledge hammer
Framing hammer or screw gun

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