Webinar: Fact vs. Fiction – The Debate on In-Building Architecture Options

The vast majority of mobile traffic is occurring indoors. If end-users are to have the high quality in-building experience they demand, it will be vital for operators to shift from a macro based “outdoor-in” approach to a strategy that leverages cellular based solutions indoors. But with so many solutions including active and passive distributed antenna systems, pico/micro/femto/metro/enterprise small cell solutions, and even “distributed radio systems”, coupled with the variability in venue size (e.g., small, medium, and large businesses, shopping malls, stadiums, airports, hotels, etc.), it can be a challenge to identify which solution is best. This webinar will:
-Outline 3 basic architectures that can be used to classify today’s dizzying array of in-building solutions
-Evaluate the pros/cons of each approach along with key variations available on the market today
-Provide guidance on what to deploy where taking in to consider venue variability

Join our speakers:
-Chris Kapuscinski, Alcatel-Lucent Wireless Small Cells Marketing
-Mat Leaver, In-building Small Cells Program Leader

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