The Sims 3 – Building a House 6 – Woodland Royalty – Part 1 – Architecture

The link to download this house is over here:

My second last house I’m building for now! Thanks to PetzSham who asked me to build a house based on the one here:
Minus the silver chimney

I’m happy with this house, not only is it not modern, but I think it has a real cosy feel to it, I tend to go overboard with themes in my designs but I can’t help myself!!! AND probably the first house I’ve ever finished under 2 hours. It took 1 hr 30min XD

My main issue with the house was the roof, bloody thing is a pain to look right, had to make it piece by piece so it wouldn’t get too high for the 1st floors’ windows. That bastard!
But it came out good and I’m happy.

Other than that… yeah… can’t think of anything else, it looks good but I think modern houses stand out more.

Anyway, this will be the last house I upload for now, I’m taking a break to play my poor sim. Who’s been paused in a lip lock with his fiance for the past… week now?
I’ll upload their Wedding Party though!


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