The Sims 3 – Building a House 11 – Tangerine Villa – Part 2 – Architecture

The link to download this house is over here:

I made an effort with windows that weren’t the ones that I used for ALL my other videos, but they just don’t work, so I gave in and used them… it’s not my fault they own everything!
The view from the bathroom is epic! Had to add that in the video!

After watching TheLighterDark’s tutrial on making bridges I just had to throw one in! And thats when I saw hope for the house. I really like the front of the house. The pond feature is great!

The back is too small but oh well, I can’t do backyards effectively. The roof was annoying to make so after getting the main parts for it, the rest I just did whatever.

I still hate roofing!
I was dreading furnishing the house because the layout was poorly done. I had conflicting thoughts for the front room, whether it should be the master bed or living room. I wanted to make a living room similar to the one in my Sims 2 9th house, with a bar and fireplace, but a fireplace wouldn’t have looked nice.

Tangerine Villa costs 8 000 furnished and 000 unfurnished. It took 3 hours and 28 minutes to build.

Hint for next house: It sounds and looks like light…

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