The Sims 3 – Building a House 11 – Tangerine Villa – Part 1 – Architecture

The link to download this house is over here:

Part 2 of my ‘Colour Series’, Tangerine Villa is orange AND yellow themed, I was going to do a seperate yellow house but theres so much yellow in this house I’ve decided to fuse the 2 together.

Nothing special in this video, thank god Orange translates very well as stone and plaster.
I HATE roofing!!!
At first I planned the 2 roofless parts of the house were going to be balconies, but that didn’t work out well later on.
The front garden is decent…. there’s something I just love about outdoor lighting! So nice!

Each installment of my ‘Colour Series’ will have a new feature that I will use for the next installment, so Green will have an amalgamation of all the previous houses making it a super house!
Blue has the colour theme.
Orange has the pond.

Tangerine Villa costs 8 000 furnished and 000 unfurnished. It took 3 hours and 28 minutes to build.

Hint for the next house: It isn’t a colour 😛

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