Tech Time Lapse – A Day Among the Engineering Building Architecture

Campus of Georgia Tech in Atlanta, sunrise to sunset on the date of 03-18-09. An appropriate commemoration for my time as a grad student at Tech… Any recent alumnus will recognize the buildings: MRDC to the left, Love building center, MARC to the right. The heart of mechanical engineering at Tech.

Unfortunately it was overcast for a good half of the day… But this was the day which I had available to take the photos and it did end up being gorgeous in the afternoon.

SOFTWARE: photos stitched together into a video with windows movie maker.
HARDWARE: one janky tripod made of parts found around my lab, and one Canon Powershot SD1000 Digital Elph. The Elph’s battery life impressed me: more than 160 “On / Photo Capture / Off” operations performed as well as full offload of photos with no battery death.
RECORDING: Photos taken once every five minutes from the hour of sunrise until the sun set behind the horizon (a little over 12 hours). The resulting 160 photos were played back at 0.25 second intervals. A duration of 0.125 seconds for each photo was a little too fast.

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