LEGO Architecture Flatiron Building review – set 21023

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Q: How do you get LEGO sets that aren’t released?
A: I don’t. See

Q: How much did [some item] cost & where can I buy it?
A: The answer is not at all simple! Please see

Q: Have you a done a video about [some set or custom creation]?
A: Search for “jangbricks [name of the product]” to quickly see if I have what you’re looking for.

Q: When will the next update video about your [layout/creation/anything] be posted?
A: The next time it is updated enough to warrant a new video. None of my videos are tied to a regular schedule.

Q: Do you have any tips for new YouTube channels?
A: You bet. Here ya go:

Q: How do I make videos that look exactly like yours?
A: Another simple question with a complex & unexpected answer:

Q: Can I have/use your background/intro/outro music?
A: No, it is paid, licensed material that is illegal to copy.

Q: Will you make a how-to/tutorial or instructions for a custom creation?
A: I don’t have the time, I’m afraid, but I try show enough detail in my videos to let anyone Pause & see how things are constructed.

Q: Will you sell/trade/give me something I saw in your videos?
A: Please see

Q: First? 2nd comment? 100th viewer? Under 301 club?!
A: Nobody will ever know, because pointless number-spam is auto-deleted! Spam for the loss! Real, thoughtful comments for the win!

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