Griffin Nayza Architecture worlds first total ecological building discovery by Vitaly Grebnev

Mr.Nilesh Neel Founder President of “Griffin Nayza Architecture” bringing worlds first total ecological building discovery from Russia by Vitaly Grebnev, The Author of “The Architecture of Noosphere” Mr.Neel organization “Griffin Nayza Architecture” is working in collaboration with Vitaly Grebnev “Grifon” Limited Russia to bring complete eco-construction houses in India.

Advantages and opportunities of building of spheres without stitches & armature :
The durability of the sphere is provided by weight distribution on all the points of surface. Sphere — is the best form against wind and snow overload. Sphere has the largest scope with minimal surface area, minimal time needed to create a sphere. Because of the fact that the sphere is built without stitches, the losses of warmth are minimized, the heating system is minimal. All necessary to create a sphere is located on 2-¬‐3 machines. There is no need to repair such roof, because it doesn’t leak. Ventilation presents hermetically closing ventiduct at the top of the sphere. Cheap in exploitation; no need to repair roof. Due to sphere’s lightness and durability, it is appropriate to construct them in seismically dangerous areas. There is no need in special blocks-¬‐basis, the whole scope Is extracted from the depth of freezing (different types of soil exists for different types of technologies). A monolithic sphere is much more difficult to destroy by explosion, even broken in one or several places, it doesn’t loose its constructive abilities and doesn’t collapse. Building of spheres is comfortable in places of difficult access: mountain recreation centers, geology exploring centers, in residential settlements in the north — to such places all the equipment is transferred by helicopters. The usage of spherical compositions gives new form in such objects, as swimming pools, greenhouses, bath-¬‐houses, hothouses, kiosks, car parks, pavilions, shops, cafes, video halls, fitness — centers, offices, gymnasiums, pensions, children camps and etc. It is possible to create many-¬‐tier urban structures, using minimal areas for foundations , developing spatial compositions above the highways. Guyed constructions, spatial passages, large cantilever carrying-¬‐out of balconies and areas, including ground landscape and water surface willsuccessfully fit into spherical ensembles.Nature, world reason has completely different strength of materials. Nature does not have rigid constructions.
Walls For the enclosure of habitable space with the area of 220 m 2 it is necessary to have wall with an area of 370 m 2 total weight of which − of 35 tons. In order to elevate walls of brick with thickness of 510 mm, it is necessary to have 200 m 3 of brick. Excluding the window and door area, the total weight of the brick wall with the liquids will weigh-¬‐ 340 tons. This amount of brick is necessary to be produced, and this raw material, equipment, electric power, transport, mechanisms, loading, unloading, etc In order to bring brick for the building, is necessary 30 [KamAZov] trucks, and a crane for loading and unloading building material. It is possible to calculate the cost of 1 cubic meters of brickwork. In each region the price will vary, but with all expenditures it is within the limits of 7000-¬‐8000 rubles/m 3. A similar building is labor-¬‐consuming, it is material consuming, and it is time consuming.
Here you can immediately fill three planks of total area of 90 м2 in a day. Time for drying and dismantling of the planks − 20 hours. During favorable weather condition the time span for building the walls is 5–7 days. Cost of 1 м3 in the range of 2000–3500 roubles, depending on the material used In the given technology we put hose in the planks and pour polystyrene concrete or foam-¬‐silicate, and do not place the bricks on the flooring. The cost of one cubic meter will be approximately 2000 roubles ( foam silicate)Time required for hardening 1-¬‐1.5 hours. Using the above technology hoses are introduced and foam silicate is poured, and the bricks are not used. The construction takes place without using fork lift cranes. In accordance to this the economic index also varies.
Roofing It’s a well known fact that while constructing the cottages with Spherical roofing ет 30–35% of the cost composes of the roof from the total construction cost. In the spherical volumes the roofs and the walls are similar. Nature is wise. There is no such roofing this is part of the complete area It’s a misfortune that all of us live in Rectangular houses in our climate — falling of icicles — is absent in spherical habitations. These types of spherical shaped houses are safer for human.
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