Project directors: Sopi Michel and Sopi Nichet
Artistic Director: Lobognon Ahipeaud

Project for Congo

African architecture has been more or less seen and designated internationally as being primitive. This constitutes a social problem! This ‘primitivity’ stems in part, from the building materials and their relatively low technological uses compared to modern western (architectural) construction techniques which culminate in skyscrapers. I submit here that African architecture has its rich and unique quality, rhythm, cultural affinity, among others. For this project, I integrated african concept of life on technological infrastructure. AMAZING RESULT.!!!!!!
– 7 Floors building
– 6 Appartments per floor
– 3, 4 and 5 bed room style choices
– 2 lifts….one out door and the other one indoor
– A small and sufficiency shopping center
– A swimming pool club house on the top of the building

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